• Property Management - The Service

    1.   Inspect the property and advise on rent levels, furniture required, equipment to be provided and any small additions or deletions we feel will be of benefit.
    2. Advertise the property in the press and/or search our current applicant register for a suitable tenant. 
    3. Make appointments for prospective tenants to view and escort them around the property.
    4. Take up and obtain the following checks on prospective applicants:
    a) Proof of identity.
    b) Written employer’s reference.
    c) Credit check at previous address/es - confirm Voters roll, CCJ’s for debt.
    d) Undertake any further checks we deem necessary to assess the tenant’s ability to pay the rent on the property (i.e. sight of Bank statements, P60, wage slips etc.)
            5. Draw up an inventory for acceptance and signature by the tenants and provide a copy to the
                owner if requested.
            6. Arrange annual gas safety inspections and provide each tenant with a copy of the certificate.
            7. Assist in the changeover of Council Tax, Gas, Electricity and Water supplies to the incoming
                tenant’s name(s), completing the necessary supply application forms etc.
            8. Draw up and properly execute a tenancy agreement relevant to current legislation.
            9. Invoice tenants on a calendar monthly basis, collect all rents due, follow up all overdue or
                unpaid rent and take all necessary steps to recover any money owed.
          10. Remit balance to owner in accordance with instructions. Tenants are required to remit payment
                on the first of each month and owners will receive payment once cheques or standing orders
                have cleared our Bank.
          11. Pay any outgoing charges in respect of the property which are the subject of this agreement.
          12. Renew or grant new agreements in the event of the expiry of the existing agreement.  If the
                occupants terminate and you wish to re-let, points 1-5 will again apply.
          13. Issue lawful notice to any occupant to quit the premises or to abate a nuisance should it be
                deemed necessary.
          14. Inspect the property from time to time (not less than three times annually) and advise the owner
                of any problems encountered.
          15. Generally perform every act usually carried out by a property management agent